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When did you last refresh your strategies? Are you confident all remain relevant to your purpose and your goals? Have you fairly assessed  obstacles to  progress? Are your resources aligned to achieve the greatest effect at least cost in the quickest time? How well do your competencies match your needs? Do you understand who values your efforts and why?

You want good strategy so start with good questions. And answer each honestly. Knowing where things stand -- a current state assessment -- is key to crafting stategies that work. To do otherwise would be like a doctor diagnosing ailments without any tests.


Guiding principles help assure any responses to the needs and opportunities identified meet the overarching intent of your enterprise.


Then come strategic priorities to reallocate and align efforts for impact. Coupled with clear accountabilities for execution, your odds of success rise.


But there's one more thing... Great strategy leads to positive and durable differentiation of what you do. And to this end, there is no substitute for creative problem-solving and applied innovation.


Contact us to tap our experience as a strategic thinkers for the system level approach we can bring to help you discover great strategy.


Good people working at odds? Countless, poorly planned meetings, where time seems wasted? How often have you seen a group sit silently or concede a nod to the views of a few? Perhaps you’ve voiced an idea or opinion only to watch it be lost in talk? Or do you just wish meetings, for once, could end with everyone truly on the same page?

Your most important meetings deserve effective, neutral facilitation that reflects goal clarity and proper preparation, engages all participants, and yields actionable outcomes with clear accountability.


Trained in facilitative leadership and interpersonal communications, our expertise and experience is honed by our work with the diverse interests of corporate executives, trade associations, municipal governments, elected officials, and nonprofit boards. Our work has included:

  • Chartering purpose, principles, and priorities of leadership;

  • Engaging stakeholders to help refresh enterprise strategies;

  • Independently assessing of  organizational performance; and

  • Moderating discussions to support meaningful dialogue.


Contact us to tap our experience as an insightful facilitators for inspiration and guidance that makes the best of your most important meetings.


Are you clear about your personal purpose, the context of your efforts, and options for moving forward? Do you have a personal development plan that aligns who you are and things you do with what you want to achieve? Are you goal-driven? Who supports you along the way? How strong is your network of allies to help? What is your legacy?

You want your effort to matter... whether you're on the front line or in the C-Suite, at home or in your community. There's a difference between those who do meaningful and memorable work and those that just get by. And that difference often lies in a single question, candid feedback, gentle encouragement, challenging task, or new connection.


Over the years, we’ve been confidants to numerous executives, mentors to many rising stars, and coach to hundreds. Without exception, answers to questions like those above are as varied as the people. And that's a good thing!


Asking, not telling, is at the root of advise and counsel we offer to help you define personal purpose, assess performance, deliver feedback constructively, plan development, make introductions, and the like.


Contact us to tap our experience as trusted advocates for people who are working to make a meaningful and positive difference in the world.

Roger Woodworth Strategist
Roger Woodworth Facilitator
Roger Woodworth Advisor
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